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Resources for Faculty

Center for Scholarly and Creative Excellence
The Center of Scholarly and Creative Excellence demonstrates leadership by promoting a culture of active scholarship. The Center promotes innovation and enterprise, facilitates collaborations, and serves as an advocate for faculty scholarship.

The CSCE provides funding for scholarly and creative activities as well as support for the professional development of the faculty. Policies of the Center and proposal review are governed by a representative Faculty Committee. Decisions on funding are based upon the criteria for each activity and the judgment of the Committee. The CSCE assists academic units in the promotion of instructional quality by supporting faculty scholarship.

Statistical Consulting Center
The Statistical Consulting Center (SCC) is operated by the Department of Statistics, with funding provided by the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.  The Center is located on the Allendale Campus in Mackinac Hall.  Assistance is provided to GVSU faculty/staff and GVSU undergraduate/graduate students, as well as non-profit organizations from the Grand Rapids area.  The SCC gives statistical advice and assistance with projects for research or instructional purposes.  In addition to its service mission, the SCC also seeks to provide an educational experience for undergraduate and graduate statistics students by involving them in the operation of the center. 

Office of Sponsored Programs
The Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) encourages active scholarship among faculty, staff, and students, both graduate and undergraduate. This office provides oversight and services in the management of externally sponsored programs and grants. The role of this office is to assist GVSU faculty and staff in the pre-award process of developing proposals and finding potential funding sources as well as submitting grant proposals to funding sources, and also to work with the project directors of such grants in managing and monitoring their grant awards. Faculty and staff who receive grant funding often utilize students to assist them with their research. Doing so gives students an opportunity to conduct hands-on research and enhances their academic experience, while at the same time the faculty member can contribute new knowledge to their field of expertise.

Technology Commercialization Office
The Technology Commercialization Office (TCO) protects and facilitates the conversion of the intellectual properties of the university to benefit the community and the university. The TCO also helps in further developing University-Industry relations and also aids in the economic development of the region and the state.

Human Research Protection Program
The Human Research Review Committee (HRRC) is comprised of GVSU faculty, staff and community members who review proposed research studies involving living persons.  The HRRC ensures that the basic rights and welfare of research participants are fostered and protected.  The HRRC supports researchers through its coordinated activities in education, regulatory compliance oversight, and post approval monitoring.  All research involving human subjects performed at GVSU and/or by GVSU students, staff, and/or faculty must be reviewed and approved by the Human Research Review Committee prior to beginning the research.

Institutional Animal Use and Care Committee (IAUCC)
The Faculty Research and Development Center provides oversight in animal research activities at GVSU.  The Centers role is to ensure that investigators, research technicians, animal care personnel, and students are properly trained to conduct animal research in a humane manner.  The Center ensures that all animal research at GVSU is conducted in accordance with IACUC standards and complies with the Public Health Service policies and USDA animal welfare regulations.

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