STA319 Statistics Project

STA 319 is taken by undergraduate students who are working on either a statistics major or an applied statistics minor.

Catalogue Description

Students will learn a systematic approach to statistical consulting, how to communicate with nonmathematical audiences, and develop the ability to apply appropriate statistical techniques to research questions. Actual experience with current university and industry research projects and SAS/SPSS is given. Prerequisite: STA 216.


The course has three threads: professional practice, communication, and technical tools. Professional practice deals with for example: ethics, working with clients, defining problems, and interpersonal skills. Communication deals with effective writing, oral presentation, presentation of data via tables and graphs, and publication. Technical tools include some techniques, but mostly thinking about and learning about new ideas, approaches, and techniques.

The course objectives include providing the students with an opportunity to gain experience in:

  • statistical consulting,
  • manipulating data via a computer,
  • applying the appropriate statistical technique for a given situation,
  • correctly interpreting the results, and
  • communicating the findings in clear, non-mathematical terms

Service Learning

  • If you are enrolled as a student in STA319, learn how you can schedule to observe a live consulting via this link: Consulting Session.
  • If you have an on going research project  learn how you might involve STA319 students via this link: PROJECTS.