Listed below are several resources that may help you on your journey to find the right major for you.

List of undergraduate majors and emphases along with degree information.

Career Education Class, US 102, is a one-credit class designed for students seeking assistance in developing a career and educational plan suited to their needs, goals, and career choices. Emphasis will be on personal and career assessment, career and occupational information, planning, and decision making. You may go to My Banner and add this course to your schedule. Note that there are a few sections offered that begin at mid semester. If interested in registering for one of these sections, please contact your pre-major advisor.

If you are thinking about a major, but hesitant because you are not sure of what career might be available in that field, go to and click on student and then go to What Can I do with This Major?

Here is a site that allows you to look at various majors, your prospects for employment and pay. Best College Majors. (From the Wall Street Journal).

Each November there will be a Majors and Career Exploration Fair. GVSU academic departments will be represented at this fair. Alumni will also be available to share information about the world of work. Watch for flyers and emails regarding this event.

Trained staff in the Career Center can also meet with you individually to help you determine your interests and values as they relate to career choices. You can also complete a career interest inventory or personality inventory to help in your decision making. To make an appointment with the Career Center staff, please call (616) 331-3311.

Remember, your Pre-major advisor is available to help you determine which resource is right for you and to help you integrate all the information you have gathered. To make an appointment with your Pre-major advisor, please call (616) 331-3588.

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