Josh Skiles

Josh Skiles

Criminal Justice

Career Path: Owner of Marhar Snowboards

Joshua Skiles started his first business when he was a high school senior. His lawn service and landscaping business, Josh's Lawn Service, generated enough business that soon he was serving up to 55 customers per week and paying his way through junior college.

Skiles sold his business to attend classes full time at Grand Valley State University, where he majored in Criminal Justice. Skiles immediately became interested in the juvenile aspect that was taught in his classes.

When graduation in 2009 showed no job prospects, Skiles turned to his longtime friend Nate Morse, a Notre Dame graduate, who proposed an idea: starting their own snowboard company. Between the two of them, Skiles and Morse have been snowboarding for 23 years, so why not start up their own business? After creating a realistic business plan, Marhar Snowboards was born and the pair set out to tackle their first obstacle: learning how to actually make a snowboard.

In the year that they have been in business, Marhar Snowboards has gained excellent response from local and national riders, who have given the boards two thumbs up for price and performance. One aspect that makes their boards preferable is that they are made out of bamboo, which makes them eco-friendly, and many of their supplies come from West Michigan.

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