Hannah Rodgers

Hannah Rodgers

Anthropology/History Major

Career Path: Student at New York University School of Law

Whether bungee jumping and skydiving in New Zealand - while taking breaks from her research on "Indigenous Rights and the Contemporary Maori Populations" - or getting black powder certified, to perform daily musket firing demonstrations as a historical interpreter at the Minuteman National Historic Park in Lexington/Concord Massachusetts, Hannah Rodgers is known to be a go-getter and a stickler for detail. Both traits will serve her well as she enters New York University's School of Law.

Rodgers, who was born and raised in Traverse City, graduated from Grand Valley magna cum laude in 2009. Full of curiosity and drive, she started as an "undecided" student. "I fell in love with my first history class as well as my first anthropology class," she said. "I could not decide between the two disciplines, so I majored in both!"

NYU is ranked number six in the nation among law schools and number one in international law. "The difficult aspect of applying to law school is making oneself marketable," said Rodgers. "In addition to high grades and test scores, I had to highlight my unique experiences as an undergrad, such as my year studying abroad and my work experience after I graduated at Minuteman National Historical Park."

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