What is my first step as a Pre-major (undecided) student?
Your first step is to meet with your Pre-major advisor. You can find out who your advisor is by going to www.gvsu.edu, click on Current Student, Student and Financial Aid, Registration, and then View Major and Academic Information. Your Pre-major advisor will connect you with the appropriate resources to help you start the process of choosing a major.

How long can I remain as a Pre-major (undecided) student?
Though Grand Valley does not require you to choose a major by a certain time, we highly recommend that you identify a major by the time you have earned 30 credits.

What courses will I be taking while a Pre-major (undecided) student?
You will be completing your general education courses that are needed for a degree at Grand Valley regardless of your major. We would also like to encourage you to take introductory courses in different majors so that you have exposure to different majors.

How do I declare my major?
From Grand Valley's homepage at www.gvsu.edu under Current Students select the MyBanner link. Log into MyBanner and then select these links: Student, Student Records, and Change Major. Follow online instructions.

Do I need a minor?
Minors are required only for students pursuing a career in teaching. A discussion with your academic advisor can help you determine if a minor is appropriate and beneficial for you.

Who will serve as my academic advisor once I have chosen a major?
You will be assigned a faculty advisor or a professional advisor within the major you choose to serve as your academic advisor.

Page last modified March 10, 2014