David Jagusch

David Jagusch

English-Secondary Education Major

Career Path: International Volunteer Teacher

Alumnus David Jagusch has made a tremendous impact on the children living in Kibera, Kenya -- home to one of the largest slums in the world. Jagusch's journey to Kibera began with a volunteer teaching position through International Volunteer HQ and ended with a mission to change the lives of students through music.

Jagusch graduated from Grand Valley State University in December 2009. While he participated in several honors organizations, including Sigma Tau Delta, Psi Chi, and Phi Kappa Phi, Jagusch focused on his schoolwork in order to graduate early and with honors. After graduation, Jagusch was drawn to volunteer and help those in need.

As a musician and writer, Jagusch immediately noticed that music is infused into everyday living in African culture. As his students continued to sing and dance everyday, despite a lack of funds for music classes, Jagusch decided that this was his chance to give back. Kibera Sings was created to raise money to bring a music program to children in the slums.

With the funds raised, each music program receives a set of instruments, including a keyboard, guitars, various drums and other percussion instruments, flutes, instructional materials, and other supplies. The program teaches children the basics of music theory and provides an introductory music class, guitar and piano classes, and a cultural day for students to share and learn both traditional and contemporary songs. While the class is not a required part of school curriculum, the goal is to create an environment that is safe, creative, and fun for students.

Upon his return, Jagusch plans to continue teaching in inner-city, high-needs school districts such as Detroit or New York City public schools. Until then, he continues to spread the word and love of Kibera.

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