Student Academic Success Center

Study Skills

Here are a few links that we feel will aid in assessing your study skills and strategies for improving them. For more specialized, one-on-one help with study skills you can visit the Counseling and Career Development Center at 204 Student Services on the Allendale Campus.

Virginia Tech, Cook Counseling Center
This site has several sections devoted to study skills self-help, including information about note taking and time scheduling among others.

Dartmouth College - Learning Strategies Guide
Dartmouth's suggestions range from coping with exam anxiety, increasing concentration, memory strategies, and a wealth of information about several other topics.

George Mason University - Improving Academic Skills
GMU's Counseling and Student Development Center has put together a few helpful educational pamphlets with strategies for exams, studying, time management, etc.

University of Minnesota Duluth - Study Strategies
The online Student Handbook at UM-Duluth has sections devoted to study skills and personality assessment, as well as tips for motivation, studying, and time management.

Page last modified August 7, 2013