Student Academic Success Center

Academic Success Workshops Winter 2015

Date                             Workshop                                            Time/Location
Tues., Jan. 13           Time Management: Tips for             5-6pm   2259 KC
                                     Taking Control                                   

Wed., Jan. 14            Time Management: Tips for           5-6pm   North C 142
                                     Taking Control                                   

Wed. Jan. 21             How to Study for CHM & BIO          5-6pm   North C 142

Wed., Jan. 28            Power Study Strategies                  5-6pm   North C 142

Tues., Feb. 3             There’s an APP for that!                   5-6pm   North C 142

Tues., Feb. 10           College Reading and                         5-6pm   North C 142
                                    Notetaking Strategies                    

Thurs., Feb 12          How to Study for CHM & BIO            6-7pm   North C 142

Mon., Feb. 16            Library Databases                             5-6pm   Mary Idema Pew
                                    Demystified: Finding                                         Library Lab 001
                                    Information More Effectively        

Tues., Feb 17            Power over Procrastination            5-6pm   North C 142

Wed., Feb. 18           Time Management: Tips for             6-7pm   2266 KC
                                    Taking Control                                   

Wed., Feb. 19           Ace that Test!                                      6-7pm   North C 142

Mon., Feb. 23            Power Study Strategies                   5-6pm   2270 KC

Tues., Feb. 24           Google Like a Librarian                    5-6pm   Mary Idema Pew
                                                                                                                   Library Lab 002

Wed., Feb. 25           Plagiarism: To Cite or Not to           5-6pm   Mary Idema Pew
                                    Cite, That is the Question!                              Library Lab 001

Wed., March 11        Attention!  How to Develop             5-6pm   North C 142
                                     Focus and Improve

Tues., March 17       Ace that Test!                                      5-6pm   North C 142

Thurs., March 19     Power Study Strategies                   5-6pm   2259 KC

Thurs., April 9          A Final Exam Plan for Low               5-6pm   North C 142
                                   Stress and High Success                 

Wed., April 15          A Final Exam Plan for Low               5-6pm   2266 KC
                                    Stress and High Success                 


Academic Success Workshop Descriptions  (#Top)

Time Management – Tips for Taking Control
Balancing personal, professional and academic commitments, along with spending time with family and friends, can be a challenge. Developing your own system of organization and time management will help you be in control of your life and learning. You will assess your current approach and identify strategies that you can put in place immediately to help you achieve your goals and improve your effectiveness.

How to Study for BIO and CHM
Discover specific strategies for How to Study CHM and BIO. This  workshop will be led by an upper level science students who will share tips to help you prepare for science exams successfully.

Power Study Strategies
Learning at the college level requires higher levels of processing information. If you are not earning the grades you want, despite studying hard, it is probably because your current strategies aren’t working.  This workshop will explore the learning expectations of college courses and will teach you many active learning strategies that will make a big difference in your understanding of the material and your grades.

There’s an APP for That!
Did you know that there are Apps that can help you study? Come and find out about free Apps that can help make learning easier for you. Be sure to bring your laptop, i-pad, or smart phone device to try them out!

College Reading and Notetaking Strategies
Having effective reading and notetaking strategies are key components to your academic success at GVSU. Students often struggle with the volume of reading expected as well as how to stay focused while reading and during class lectures. This workshop will provide practical tips and techniques to help you read more effectively and achieve deeper understanding of the material. Several different note-taking strategies will also be shared.

Library Databases Demystified: Finding Information More Effectively
Frustrated by trying to find scholarly articles in library databases?  In this hands-on workshop, you will learn how to use the advanced features to search more effectively.

Power over Procrastination
If procrastination is getting in the way of your academic success, this workshop will help you identify your source of procrastination and learn strategies to increase your motivation to get your work done. We can’t
motivate you – but you can! We will discuss action steps that you can take to turn your procrastination into motivation and your self-doubt into self-confidence.

Ace that Test!
Doing your best on tests/exams requires a plan.  Each course and each exam is different and successful test performance is a process that begins way before the test is given and continues after the test is over. This workshop will discuss the three stages of test-taking and help you establish a test preparation plan that you can use in each of your courses.  The time to start preparing for your next exam is NOW!

Google Like a Librarian
In this hands-on workshop, you will learn strategies, tips, and tricks for “Googling” more efficiently and effectively.

Plagiarism: To Cite or Not to Cite, That is the Question!
In this hands-on workshop, you will learn what it means to plagiarize, strategies that help prevent you from inadvertently plagiarizing, and when to cite your sources of information.

Attention!  How to Gain Focus and Improve Concentration
Do you find your mind wandering in lectures, when you are reading your textbooks or studying notes?  Lack of focus and concentration is often a concern for college students who are juggling many demands and many distractions.  Concentration is a habit that can be learned and developed. This workshop will discuss practical strategies that can help you gain focus and make your study and class time more productive.

A Final Exam Plan for Low Stress and High Success
Procrastination may be your middle name, but don’t wait until a week (or a few days) before the final to begin your preparation! At this workshop, we will discuss test-taking tips and strategies specifically relating to final exams. Final exams can cause stress and anxiety levels to rise, even in the very best students. Come and identify strategies to deal with the stress that comes with taking tests.

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