Registered Student Organization Handbook

Reserving Space on Campus

Registered Student Organizations have the privilege to utilize campus space for meetings and events.  A variety of spaces (both indoor and outdoor) are available.  Reservations are required for any student organization meeting or event.

Refer to the Kirkhof Center Meeting and Event Use Policies before making your reservation.
No matter where you want to hold your campus event, first consult with Event Services (331-2350, Kirkhof Center 110) to discuss your needs, look for available locations on specific dates, and get their help to complete the proper request forms.
Reservable Campus Locations include:
  • Kirkhof Center
  • Cook DeWitt Center
  • Alumni House
  • Fieldhouse/Arena
  • Academic Buildings
  • Downtown Campus
  • Outdoor Space

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Page last modified October 16, 2013