Registered Student Organization Handbook

Relationship Statement

As students progress through their college careers, they participate in a variety of experiences in and out of the classroom. Experts have consistently estimated that 70% of a student's time is spent in activities outside the classroom. This involvement includes work, independent study, intercollegiate and intramural athletics, student clubs and organizations, study abroad, and living-learning programs.

Grand Valley State University acknowledges the important value student organizations have in the educational process.  Registered Student Organizations (RSO's) play an important role in developing student leadership and providing a quality campus environment. It is the responsibility of each RSO to adhere to the mission of the university and its supporting by-laws and statutes. An organization's goals, objectives, and activities must not deviate from established University policies or regulations. Because of their importance, RSO's are accorded special privileges and benefits. These privileges include use of university facilities and services, the privilege of participating in certain university-sponsored student activities, and the privilege to participate in the Student Senate Funding Boards. In order to exercise the privileges accorded to RSOs, a student organization must register with and be recognized by the Office of Student Life through the Student Organization Review Board.

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