Our Mission at Student Life is empowering students to effectively engage with their communities through intentionally designed and inclusive programs, services, and environments.

Student organizations provide a perfect opportunity to put our Mission Statement to use, but what exactly is a Registered Student Organization?

What is a Registered Student Organization?

A registered student organization (RSO) at Grand Valley State University is:

1) any group whose membership consists of students currently enrolled at GVSU; 2) formed in order to contribute to the students' personal development; and 3) properly registered with the Office of Student Life. All RSOs shall be accorded with the same rights and are bound with the same rules and regulations. Recognition by Registration does not constitute endorsement of the purposes or the activities of an organization by the faculty, administration, or the student body. All student organizations must register with the Office of Student Life in order to function within the university.

Please read more about our mission and values at http://gvsu.edu/studentlife/our-mission-values-30.htm