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The Liberal Education Advantage

The Grand Valley educated person can

  • listen, read, talk, write, solve dilemmas;
  • seek truth and wisdom, lead, connect, and work in a community;
  • pay attention to others and the world around them; and
  • pair their critical thinking skills and self-knowledge to connect their formal training, their emotions, past experiences, values, and traditions with those of others.

When you can put that on your resume, you can be sure you're ahead of non-Grand Valley educated candidates from the start!

A faculty member working with a student

"Liberal education produces a student that is able to handle a variety of different issues in the world. With this world being a global economy, it's very important not to be narrow-minded or have tunnel vision."

Brian Parks, Class of 2008
Financial Analyst, Herman Miller

So go ahead and consider your liberal education an advantage. You'll be well prepared not only for your first job, but also have the skills you'll need to succeed throughout your career and life.