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Sam Rhine Genetic Update Conference

Date: November 11, 2013
Time: 8:30 a.m. - 1:00 a.m.
Location: Grand River Room, Kirkhof Center, GVSU

About Sam Rhine

Sam Rhine has crossed the country for 30+ years presenting the latest genetic information to high school students and their teachers. He has also spoken to audiences in Toronto, Montreal, Tokyo, Vienna, Prague, St. Petersburg, Russia, and Nairobi, Kenya.
Sam has devoted himself to genetics education. He is a gifted speaker with a passion to teach the “world” the applicability of genetics to daily living.  One expert in human genetics education described Sam as: “one of the most effective human genetics educators in America today”.
For the past several years, Sam has concentrated on presenting Genetic Update Conferences (GUC's). These one-day conferences for biology teachers and students are designed to teach the latest in genetic advances, hot research areas, and career opportunities. Sam takes biology from the textbook to the heart by posing ethical dilemmas each will face as technological advances continue.
  • The State of the Human Genome.....the Function of our 3,000,000,000 nucleotides
    • Coding and Non-Coding DNAs  /  ~31,000 Coding and Non-Coding Genes
    • Genes in the Junk:  miRNAs,  lncRNAs  plus  2,890,000 newly found docking sites
    • Gene Control - quick overview:  Transcription Factors,  miRNAs  and  Epigenetics
    • Turning off a chromosome.....X-Inactivation  /  Turning off the extra #21 in Down Syndrome!


  • Telomeres.....those Facinating tips on all of our Chromosomes
    • Telomeres in  Normal Mitosis,  Aging,  Stem Cells and Cancer
    • Could Telomere Control lead to Human Biologic Immortality?


  • Recent Advances in Prenatal Screening
    • Non-Invasive Full Genome Prenatal Screening is here!
    • Would you and your spouse want to know?


  • Human Cloning and Stem Cell Technologies Update
    • Human Therapeutic Cloning via Nuclear Transfer  -  first documented success in June 2013
    • Utilization of Stem Cells for cell replacement therapy, disease modeling, therapy screening: therapies for Blindness, Multiple Sclerosis, Huntington Dx, Parkinson Dx, Lou Gerhig's Dx  et al
    • Making mammalian brain components from stem cells in a petri dish.

Who Attends

Students, Teachers, Parents & Community
Many schools bring their AP biology students and also younger students from honors classes. Often those who attend are on a professional track in Medicine or Life Sciences and have completed their high school Biology classes. Many times Middle School students who are part of a Gifted & Talented Program also attend.
How to Register
Visit the Sam Rhine Website.