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Math In Your Feet


Teachers of Grades 2- 6       


8:30 am – 3:00 pm    October 14, 2015


Grand River Room
2250 Kirkhof Center
Grand Valley State University
Allendale Campus


$55 - Includes lunch and materials

Registration Deadline Extended: October 9, 2015

Join us for this exciting workshop and learn how to lead students through the problem solving process of creating their own percussive dance patterns.   Through Math in Your Feet instruction, students increase their understanding of mathematical topics such as congruence, symmetry, transformation, angles and degrees, attributes, categorical variables, manipulation and analysis of complex patterns, and mapping on a coordinate grid.   Math in Your Feet addresses all eight Common Core Standards for Mathematical Practice in the context of problem solving. 

Here are some ways to describe the program:

  • Low floor, high ceiling (useful and interesting to diverse groups of   learners and backgrounds)
  • An in depth inquiry into mathematical patterns including explorations of transformations, symmetries, group theory and equivalence classes
  • An opportunity to use mathematical language in context
  • A chance to build and strengthen spatial reasoning
  • A chance to harness existing body knowledge (developed through being in the world) to strengthen understanding of mathematical practices and topics
  • Potential for developing new insights about previously familiar mathematics

Malke did a wonderful job combining concepts, math vocabulary, and practical ideas for using it in the classroom.”  -Elementary Teacher

Malke Rosenfeld

Described as a cheerful leader of professional learning workshops, Malke is a specialist in interdisciplinary arts programming.

Malke’s book, Meaning in the Making: Embodied Mathematics in the Classroom, will highlight topics covered in this workshop.  The book is for  (K – 6) grade teachers and describes the methodology of including the intersection of math and dance in the classroom.  The book will be published in 2016. 

To learn more about Malke, go online to