Wittenbach/Wege Center Offers Summer Day Camps

2014 April HOME

June 16th  19th, 2014 (Monday  Thursday)

Daily themes offer a hands-on learning adventure through hikes, activities, games and crafts that encourages campers to discover and develop an understanding of, and appreciation for, the out of doors. Choose a camp by grade and attend a half day of exploration. Fee is $80 per session and includes snacks, drinks and craft supplies. Class size is a maximum of 15 students per session with a minimum of 5 students per session. In the event of severe weather, sessions will be held indoors. Call (616) 987-2565 or email mjohnson@lowellschools.com to register.

RIBBITS AND CROAKS CAMP is for campers entering grades K-2 in the fall of 2014. Camp runs from 9:00am to 12:00noon each day. Hop, crawl or slither on in for an animal adventure in search of frogs, toads, salamanders, turtles and snakes! Young herpetologists will explore the creek, study the forest floor and roll logs in search of our coldblooded friends. Eat like salamanders, sing like frogs and hop like toads! You'll be hoppy you came!

BEES AND BEEKEEPING CAMP is for campers entering grades 3-5 in the fall of 2014. Camp runs from 1:00pm to 4:00pm each day. Bee amazed and get the latest buzz on honey bees! Discover their life cycle, explore their jobs in and out of the hive, decipher the waggle dance, grasp their contribution to agriculture and why they only sting once. Be busy as a bee by becoming a beekeeper  suit up in protective clothing to visit the onsite apiary, learn how to use a smoker and hive tools, examine frames for the brood chamber and honey comb, reveal where the queen is hiding in the colony and harvest honey for taste testing. Each day will fly by with new adventures including trekking the trails, creative crafts, guessing games and science sleuth experiments.

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