Regional Math and Science Center

In the fall of each year, the RMSC hosts this conference for advanced high school biology students.

About Sam Rhine

Sam Rhine has crossed the country for 30+ years presenting the latest genetic information to high school students and their teachers. He has also spoken to audiences in Toronto, Montreal, Tokyo, Vienna, Prague, St. Petersburg, Russia, and Nairobi, Kenya.

Sam has devoted himself to genetics education. He is a gifted speaker with a passion to teach the “world” the applicability of genetics to daily living.

For the past several years, Sam has concentrated on presenting Genetic Update Conferences (GUC's). These one-day conferences for biology teachers and students are designed to teach the latest in genetic advances, hot research areas, and career opportunities. Sam takes biology from the textbook to the heart by posing ethical dilemmas each will face as technological advances continue.

One expert in human genetics education described Sam as: “one of the most effective human genetics educators in America today”.

Who Attends

Students, Teachers, Parents & Community.
Many schools bring their AP biology students and also younger students from honors classes. Often those who attend are on a professional track in Medicine or Life Sciences and have completed their high school Biology classes. Many times Middle School students who are part of a Gifted & Talented Program also attend.

For More Information

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