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Teacher Opportunities

Exploring Whole Numbers Workshop
During 2008-2009, the Regional Math and Science Center at Grand Valley State University will focus on Building Confidence through Content (BCC). These interactive workshops will concentrate on mathematical content knowledge necessary for teaching and will be aligned with the Michigan Grade Level Content Expectations (GLCEs). 

Exploring Rational Numbers and Operations through Problem Solving and Representations
We will focus on helping 3rd – 6th grade teachers acquire the content knowledge they need to effectively teach rational numbers (fractions, decimals, and percents) and operations. During this five-session workshop, taught by GVSU faculty members Esther Billings and Pam Wells, we will explore rational numbers concepts addressed in the Number and Operations GLCEs utilizing problem solving and representations. We will also emphasize connections within the structure of number systems (i.e., the inverse relationships between addition and subtraction and multiplication and division, or how the study of rational numbers can directly build upon an understanding of whole numbers and their operations) as conceptual organizers for supporting student learning.

I3 - Instruction In Inquiry - High School Mathematics and Science Success Workshops
HS-MASS is a statewide grant run through the Math/Science Centers and is aimed at improving student performance on the Michigan Merit Exam (MME). This year's HS-MASS III workshop will focus on inquiry. Tentative topics to be covered are the Key Elements of Inquiry, Development of an Inquiry Lesson, and the use of Formative Assessments through Inquiry.

The Regional Math and Science Center at GVSU will be hosting the workshop series for high school science teachers, including eighth grade.

Battle Creek Kits
The GVSU Regional Math and Science Center is the host site for a series of Battle Creek Science Kit workshops.  These workshops are designed to help districts currently using the kits and districts new to the program with information regarding the alignment of the BCAMSC Science units to the new K-7 Science Expectations.

Annual Programs

Fall Science Update Seminar
An annual event, the Fall Science Update Seminar helps to keep teachers updated with the latest science content and issues. 

Student/Parent Programs


Student/Teacher Programs

Sam Rhine Genetic Update Conference

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