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Student Health Insurance

School Year 2017/2018

Welcome to Grand Valley State University!

As a service to our students, Grand Valley State University offers its students opportunities to enroll in a Health Insurance Plans. We are currently in the process of changing carriers for our optional plan. It is anticipated that the open enrollment for the new plan will be available by mid-August.  This plan is available to any student registered at Grand Valley State University and attending classes. 

If you are in immediate need for insurance for your student, we have provided a portal into a private insurance exchange. Click on the following - GVSU Private Health Insurance Exchange

  1. When you arrive at the site click on "Find Health Plans" and click "Continue".
  2. Type the Pin Number 2157051 into the "Enter Your NPN" box in the Access to Gateway area of the page.
  3. You can now continue to explore alternatives that you may qualify for in this system.

Please be aware that the University's liability insurance program does not cover injury or sickness sustained by a student; even if these activities result from class or group participation activities such as intramural sports or theater. We encourage you to review your medical insurance coverage to assure that it is adequate. If you do not have coverage, we strongly recommend that you purchase a policy.

Questions concerning Student Health Insurance should be directed to the Housing and Health Services Department at 616-331-2120.