Special Topics Courses
Winter 2014

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REL 380 Diversity and Dialogue
in an Age of Religious Conflict

Winter 2014
REL 380-03
T/R 1:00-2:15p | LHH 101
CRN# 30851

Professor Kelly Clark

Fulfills en elective requirement for the REL



Religions, Cultures, Environments

Winter 2014
REL/ENS 380-01
MW 3:00-4:15 pm | HON 219
CRN# 30741

Professor Sarah King

Fulfills an elective requirement for the REL 


Spring/Summer 2014

Study Abroad to 

Service and Spirituality in Modern India
Students will enroll in:

PHI 210 - Eastern Philosophy and 
PHI 380 - Service in Modern India

April 27 - May 29

Delhi, Varanasi, and Ladakh — Study and observe Hinduism and Buddhism in central and northern India, with opportunities to practice yoga, meditation, music and dance with local teachers and scholars. Students will be involved in important service work in the beautiful mountainous region of Ladakh as it faces both the burdens and benefits of globalization.


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