Reverse Transfer

Did you transfer to Grand Valley before you finished your associate’s degree? Reverse Transfer can help you finish.

Grand Valley State University is excited to partner with community colleges in Michigan in an effort to increase degree completion. Reverse transfer allows students to increase their credentials by earning their associate's degree while pursuing a bachelor’s degree program at Grand Valley State University. It ensures that they receive all available credentials enhancing their subsequent opportunities in the workforce.

The Associate’s Degree: A Valuable Credential

As a Grand Valley student working toward your bachelor’s degree, you may ask, ‘Why worry about my associate’s degree?’ To employers, an associate’s degree is a valuable credential, an attention-getting addition to your résumé that can make you stand out in the applicant pool. It shows you have what it takes to be successful and reach your goals, and it could help you get job-based experience applicable to your later career and education while you’re completing your Grand Valley degree. And because the evaluation is based on Grand Valley credit you’ve already earned, you may be able to have your associate’s degree with no additional cost or time commitment.

Page last modified March 9, 2017