Emergency Notification System

Grand Valley has recently upgraded our communication system in order to deliver urgent and emergency information directly to your land line phone, cell phone, or text/PDA device, as well as to additional email boxes beyond your primary address. The university will use the urgent notification system when it is necessary to be in touch with you as quickly as possible. Examples of possible messages include inclement weather closing information, or possible crises involving health and safety.

If you wish to subscribe to this expanded message notification service, please follow this link: www.gvsu.edu/emergencycontact. On this site you will also find FAQs and additional information about the system. You must subscribe to receive notification beyond that delivered to your primary email address.

You may direct any questions to the Grand Valley Telephone office at (616) 331-2145 or gvsunotify@gvsu.edu.

Page last modified June 24, 2013