Wellness Wheel

Social Wellness is the ability to interact with people around you. It involves using good communications skills, having meaningful relationships, respecting yourself and others, and creating a support system that includes family members and friends.

Physical Wellness is developed through the combination of beneficial physical activity/exercise and healthy eating habits. Components of physical wellness include building muscular strength and endurance, cardiovascular strength and flexibility.

Spiritual Wellness is a personal matter involving values and beliefs that provide a purpose in your life. Individuals may have different views of what spiritualism is, but it is generally considered to be the search for meaning and purpose in human existence, leading one to strive for a state of harmony with oneself and others while working to maintain a well-balanced life.

Emotional Wellness involves more than just handling stress. It also involves being attentive to your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, whether positive or negative.


Wellness Wheel

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Occupational Wellness achieves a balance between work and leisure time, addressing workplace stress and building relationships with co-workers. It focuses on your search for a calling and involves exploring various career options and finding where you best fit.

Intellectual Wellness engages in creative and stimulating mental activities to expand your knowledge and skills and help discover the potential for sharing your gifts with others.

Environmental Wellness includes trying to live in harmony with the earth by understanding the impact of your interaction with nature and your personal environment, and taking action to protect the world around you. Protecting yourself from environmental hazards and minimizing the negative impact of your behavior on the environment are also central elements.

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