Wellness Resources

It is important to have both a healthy mind and body. The Fitness and Wellness Center has a FREE UFit Program for students that will assist individuals in discussing their wellness goals, current health, fitness and lifestyle status.  

  • Free for Students
  • $25 for Non-Students

Program Includes:

Initial interview with goal setting ◊ Review wellness program with optional fitness testing ◊ Goal and progress checks

How do I get ready for my first appointment?

  • Review Wellness Checklist. The seven dimensions of wellness will allow you to determine which aspects in your life may need to be reviewed. 
  • Schedule your appointment by calling the Fitness and Wellness Center at 616-331-3659 or emailing us at rec@gvsu.edu.
  • Complete the Pre-Intake Form and bring it with you to your initial appointment. 

Pretest recommendations for most accurate results:

  • Do not do any strenuous activity day of or before appointment.
  • Get 6-8 hours of rest the night before appointment. 
  • If on any medications, check with your Health Care Provider to discuss possible reactions to exercise and proper dosage during testing procedures.
  • Remember to eat balanced breakfast/lunch day of appointment.
  • Diet should exclude caffeine and tobacco (2-3 hours previous to appointment), alcohol (8-12 hours previous to appointment). 

Page last modified August 4, 2014