UFIT-V Trainers


Dustin Mier, ACSM-HFS

Dustin is an American College of Sports Medicine Certified Health Fitness Specialist. He is a Grand Valley State University’s Honor College graduate, with degrees in exercise science (with an emphasis in clinical exercise) and biomedical science (with an emphasis in microbiology.) He is currently the wellness coordinator for Grand Valley State University’s Campus Recreation department.

Dustin has a unique personal story that makes him well-qualified to work with people in the UFit-V program. Dustin spent most of his youth and early adulthood as an overweight/obese individual. Through healthy lifestyle changes, Dustin was able to lose 50 pounds. When he started exercising, his goal was to run one mile without stopping to walk. Since then, Dustin has gone on to complete eight marathons and countless other road races. Not only does Dustin have experience helping other people lose weight, he has experience helping himself lose weight. He knows from personal experience the struggles, challenges, and triumphs that come along with weight loss and health improvement.

 In addition to weight loss, Dustin has extensive experience with training people for running programs and improvement of strength.

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