Training Services

If you are interested in meeting with a personal trainer, or want to find out more about our services please contact the Fitness & Wellness Center at (616)331-3659.

1 on 1 Training

Girl Weight Lifting

1 Training Session







Small Group Training

Weight Rack

Are you ready for a workout that challenges your body and mind? Get rid of the same old routine and get ready for an incredibly intense work out! Every day you train should be making your body as fit as possible.





Virtual Training

Training on an Ipad

UFit-V is a comprehensive online personal training program. A certified fitness professional will develop a customized fitness plan for you, based off of the goals you set for yourself.  

Our programs see measurable results through the use of safe, established scientific research. There are no "trendy" gimmicks or fad diets involved. The plan is developed around your schedule and your preferences. UFit-V plans are real plans for real people.

Strength & Conditioning


Strength coaches are available to facilitate develop and supervise the following sport specific workouts:

Speed, Agility, Acceleration Training, Strength and Plyometric Sessions