Team Roster

It is each team member’s responsibility to create a profile and join a team on to ensure that all team members are official and eligible for the teams on which they are participating.  Each team’s roster is available at each team’s regular season games.  A team member is not officially part of the team roster until they have joined the team’s roster on IMLeagues, regardless of any games they may have participated in.. Each team’s roster will be frozen following their last regular season game.  Participants AND their correct G-numbers must be included on the team’s roster to be eligible for the playoffs.  The team captain is responsible for checking the eligibility of his/her players at any point during the season by contacting the intramural sports office.   However, ONLY G-numbers may be corrected in the intramural sports office.  Any participant who provides an incorrect or illegible G-number will not be permitted to play until a correct and legible G-number is provided.  Further, any participant who does not have their correct G-number on the roster card by the teams last regular season game is ineligible to participate in any playoff games UNLESS the G-number appears on the ID card at the team’s first scheduled playoff game, only.

A captain may not sign in a participant.   Only supervisors are authorized to check rosters.  Officials and scorekeepers may check scoresheets prior to each game played.  A participant that arrives late to a game must check-in with a supervisor to be added to the scoresheet prior to being able to participate.