Sportsmanship Rating System

The team rating system is intended to provide an objective scale in which teams can be judged on attitude and behavior throughout the intramural season. The rating system will be used in conjunction with rules that govern conduct in a specific sport. The rating system is designed to rate team and not individual conduct, yet hold the team accountable for an individual’s actions. The team rating system is not meant to penalize, but to educate on the importance of sportsmanship over winning and losing. 

Sportsmanship will be rated on a 4-1 rating scale. Officials, supervisors, Graduate Assistant and the Assistant Director will have input into the team’s rating and are encouraged to uphold good sportsmanship from each participant, spectator, and team. The team rating is final, even if the game is not completed due to any circumstance. Any questions regarding the rating should be relayed to the intramural sports office, and by the team captain, only, on the next business day. The Assistant Director and graduate assistant reserve the right to make final determination on team sportsmanship for situations that are not explicitly covered within this policy.

Teams will need an average greater than a 3 on the rating scale at the end of the regular season to advance to playoffs. A team receiving less than a 3 in the playoffs results in the team being eliminated from the playoffs (win or lose). If a team falls below a 3 at any point during the game, the game will be ended. The opposing team played in the playoff game where the team received less than a 3 will advance, provided that they have a 3 or higher. If neither team meets this criteria, neither team will advance and the game will be considered a double-forfeit.

Any instance where a meeting with the Assistant Director is required, all that are required to attend the meeting are suspended from all intramural activities until the meeting occurs.

Sportsmanship Rating
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