Sportsmanship, providing a safe and fun environment, and participation are the primary intentions of the GVSU Intramural Sports program. We respect and understand the wish to compete, but competition should stay within the spirit of the game and within the rules. This shall not be a "win-at-all-cost" environment. Persons wishing to participate outside of this realm should reconsider their entry into the league and continue to play pickup games or join a community league costing in the hundreds of dollars. Our sportsmanship policy was put into place to ensure the primary intent of the program. This policy applies to ALL participants, spectators and anyone associated with each team before, during and after the game. All parties involved should hold themselves accountable. We respect your wish of a structured environment; show your appreciation in return by respecting the officials, intramural personnel, intramural and/or GVSU equipment, our rules, and this sportsmanship policy. We appreciate your support of GVSU Intramurals! Enjoy your experience!

Captains' Expectations

It is essential that captains communicate good sportsmanship and educate team members with regard to the intramural rules and sportsmanship rating. We recognize the team captain as the leader of the team; they put forth the effort to form the team, register the team, and attend all meetings, and ensure an accurate and up-to-date team roster. We expect the captain to use his/her leadership role to demonstrate full control over their team in each game and be the team’s spokesperson to officials, addressing them in a respectful, questioning manner in matters of rule interpretations only, not judgment calls.