Small Group Training Winter 2017

Are you ready for a workout that challenges your body and mind? Get rid of the same old routine and get ready to improve your workout! Every day you train should be making your body as fit as possible. 

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High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

GVSU's HIIT class will be for those looking to increase their aerobic capacity, muscular endurance and strength. Our HIIT class will focus on peak intensity exercises with short breaks, followed by repeated cycles. Some formats you can expect are Tabata, Every Minute On The Minute (EMOM), and more! Spots are limited to just 12 participants so make sure to sign up before the class fills up! Classes start 1/31 at 12:00PM till 1:15PM and will be meeting in Weight room B-009 every Tuesday and Thursday. 


Strength and Conditioning

Interested in learning olympic weightlifting, plyometrics, and speed training in a group setting? Our coaches will create a progressive workout program, instruct you on these workouts, and hold you accountable to help you achieve new strengths! Spots will be limited to 12 participants so make sure you sign up before the class fills up! Classes start 1/31 at 6:30PM till 7:45PM and will be meeting in Weight room B-009 every Tuesday and Thursday.


Introductory Strength

Having trouble figuring out what exercises to do or what programs to follow? Curious about the proper techniques to maximize strength gains and minimize injury? GVSU small group training will be offering Introductory Strength once a week on Wednesdays from 6:30PM to 7:45PM in Weight room B-009. Our coaches will teach you the correct form and progressions for all our main compound movements and will create an individualized strength program. Classes will be limited to 12 participants so sign up soon before all our spots get filled up!


PUSH (Promoting and Understanding Staying Physically Active & Healthy)

PUSH is a 10 week cohort model exercise support group that focuses on different barriers female-identified students face that prohibit physical activity and different methods to combat these barriers. Along with PUSHing through barriers, participants will workout in a group setting once a week, have in depth conversations about their experiences with their fitness journey, and discuss how to improve and reach their fitness goals. PUSH was designed to motivate, educate, and most importantly SUPPORT students. Classes will take place at the Instructional Fitness Studio (Rec D030) on Wednesday's from 5:45p until 6:45p until April 12th. 


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