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Small Group Training Fall 2016

Are you ready for a workout that challenges your body and mind? Get rid of the same old routine and get ready to improve your workout! Every day you train should be making your body as fit as possible. 

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Strength and Conditioning

Are you an athlete or training for a competition? Looking to add more to your conditioning or strength routine? This program is open to anyone looking to develop their athletic skill or performance. Mondays will target conditioning and working with plyometrics, speed, agility, while Wednesdays will be focused on developing strength and power during a weight training session. Learn basic principles of how to properly train based on your sport. We ask that you please register in advance! More details to come.


High Intensity Interval Training

A training regime requires goals, planning and progression. Get rid of the same old routine and get ready for High Intensity Interval Training! Every day you train should be making your body as fit as possible. High Intensity Interval Training is about developing strength, power, and endurance. Learn proper technique and new styles of weight lifting while getting a work out that is constantly challenging your mind and body. This is a 9-week program geared towards self-motivated individuals with a current workout routine, but are looking for a new challenge. 


Beginner Strength

This class is for individuals that are new to strength training or have little experience and want to learn proper lifting principles, safety, how to design your own workouts, and resistance training to maximize performance. Qualified instructors will be teaching to both educate and to apply to an actual workout! Stay tuned for more information! Class will meet Mondays and Wednesdays in the lower level weight room from 12-1p. Starts on January 20th 2016, class will not meet over spring break.