Scheduling Conflicts / Cancellations

Schedule Conflicts

In the instance that a scheduling conflict occurs, the team captain shall contact the intramural sports office (331-3224) by phone during business hours.  Scheduling conflicts may be accommodated based upon the situation, including, but not limited to, amount of advanced notice given or facility availability.  It is never guaranteed that any requests for schedule changes will be accommodated.

Playoff games will not be rescheduled. Team captains will be contacted with any game changes, but the intramural sports program shall not be held responsible if contact was not established.

Game Cancellations

For information on game cancellations please see our website at or call the recreation center at 331-3313.  Intramural staff will make every effort to contact all team captains regarding game postponements or cancellations in a timely manner but shall not be held responsible if contact was not established.  There is NO guarantee that postponed games will be rescheduled.  In the event that games are canceled due to circumstances outside of the control of the intramural sports program, there will be NO REFUNDS provided & all affected teams will receive a win.