Only a player's eligibility can be protested. Protests based on an official's judgment or rule interpretation will NOT be allowed under any circumstances. 

Eligibility Protests will be handled in the following manner:

  1. Must be brought to the attention of the official or IM Supervisor DURING the game.  The official will notify both teams that the remainder of the game is being played "under protest."
  2. Team Captain must complete the written protest form.
  3. Captains must meet with a designated Intramural Staff member the next business day following the contest and pay a $20 protest fee. The fee will be returned if the protest is upheld.  The fee, however, will be forfeited if the protest is denied.
  4. The ruling on all protests is decided by a committee comprised of one or more of the following: the Assistant Director, the Graduate Assistant, and one or more Intramural Supervisors.
  5. See “Illegal players” section of this manual for definitions and penalties.