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Intramural Sports Employment

Intramural Sports Official Application

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2016-17 Supervisors

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Why work for us?

The intramural sports program offers a fun opportunity for a second job, extra spending money and the opportunity to work in a fun environment with flexible work hours. Intramural sports officials gain life-long friendships and learn skills such as effective communication, conflict resolution, quick decision-making, leadership development, and customer service that can be used in your future career!

To learn more about employment opportunities with the intramural sports program, please complete the official's application above and we will get in contact with you about the sports you want to officiate. 

Drive Game Refs

Officiating experience is helpful, but not required!  We employ both work study and non-work study students.

Contact with any questions. Hiring will happen as needed for sports that need officials. See training dates below for upcoming training clinics. 

Training Clinics

The interview process to become an official is our training clinics. All students who are interested in working for intramural sports must complete the application AND attend all of the training clinics for each sports. The clinics will include rules review and explanation, on-field mechanics and positioning stations as well as live game action. Unlike most interviews, leave the professional attire at home - wear athletic attire and appropriate shoes to move in each night of the clinic.

After the final day of the clinic, the staff will select the top officials based on effort, willingness to learn and aptitude to grasp the material taught during the clinic. We look for the best people and employees to do the job, so even if you have no experience, you can still become a great official. 

Flag Football Ref

Fall 2016 Training Clinics

Flag Football



Intramural Sports Officials' Resources

  • Acceptable attire and Employee Participation
  • General Intramural Rules
  • Sport Specific Rules

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