Participation in the Intramural Program is on a voluntary basis. All Intramural participants play at their own risk. The University is not responsible for injuries sustained while participating in any of the programs. It is highly recommended that students obtain their own health/accident insurance.  Students wishing to obtain their own low-cost insurance are suggested to use Student Assurance Services through Columbian Life Insurance Company. They may be reached by calling 800-328-2739 or visiting their website at or ambulance expenses incurred by a participant will not be paid by Grand Valley State University.  Please refer to for more information.   If a student is injured during an intramural event, the supervisor will administer first aid and/or contact the appropriate medical personnel. An accident report form will be completed by the intramural supervisor and the graduate assistant will follow up on the report within two business days.

ALL intramural sports participants are required to sign the “Intramural Sports Agreement.” Participants may either electronically sign the waiver when joining a team’s roster on IMLeagues, or sign a paper copy each time they participate in an intramural event. The waiver agreement covers the areas of injury, liability and use of marketing materials.  “Injuries and Liability” and “Use for Marketing Materials” are detailed in other sections.