Illegal Players

Definition & Penalty

Any participant playing on two teams in the same division (men’s, women’s, or co-rec) will automatically be disqualified from participating in the division in which the offense occurred for the remainder of that sport season. In addition, any game(s) the participant played illegally will result in a forfeit for that team. If the participant continues to play illegally after he/she is notified, or if they play under an assumed name, they will be suspended from intramural sports program for an academic year (8 months). If a player is found to be illegal, they are ineligible to play even if there is a mutual team agreement. Note: A participant is considered to have PLAYED for a team if their name appears on the scoresheet. Other examples of illegal players include those who violate eligibility requirements and those names and/or correct G-numbers do not appear on the roster. This list is not limited to the above examples. The Intramural Sports office reserves the right to determine player legality. The intramural office will act to verify the eligibility and/or legality of any player suspected by Intramural Sports staff of participating illegally. The above sanctions will be applied to illegal players as appropriate, regardless of the means of discovery.