Health Care Resources


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The Fitness & Wellness Center strives to provide quality, preventative services. However, there are other departments on campus and local agencies that address medical issues related to health and well-being.

Primary Care Physicians

Campus Health Center
GVSU Family Health Center
Campustowne Family Physicians

Mental Health Resources

Crisis Situations
For crisis situations during on-business hours, contact Public Safety at 331-3255
DepressionAnxietyEating Disorders


Family Fare Pharmacy
(616) 895-7426

Walgreen's Pharmacy
(616) 791-2323

Meijer Pharmacy
(616) 453-9457

Sexual Health

GVSU Women's Center Resources:

Contraceptive and Pregnancy

Family Support

Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence, & Stalking

Upcoming Events through the Women's Center:

  • “What Mommies Do Best” 11/18, 12/16
  • “World AIDS Day” 12/1
  • **”Celebrating Women in Sport and Physical Activity” 2/21