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Group Exercise Class Descriptions

Our instructors are able to teach to all fitness levels, therefore, all class formats are designed to meet the needs of beginner, intermediate, and advanced participants. Classes designed for specific experience levels are indicated in the description. All class formats are 45-minutes unless otherwise indicated.

Winter 2017 Class Descriptions





Join us for a yoga class that will help you to relax and reduce stress through stretches and breathing exercises to help you get through the week. Yoga mats, blocks, straps, blankets, and foam rollers may be used over the course of the semester in this class. 


Power Yoga


An energizing and athletic practice using a set sequence of postures to stretch, strengthen, and detoxify the body and quiet the mind. You will build endurance as well as strength and flexibility in this class. Yoga mats, resistance straps, yoga straps, blankets, or foam rollers may be used over the course of the semester in this class.


PiYo (Pilates & Yoga)


The best of both worlds! This class incorporates both Pilates and yoga into one class to strengthen, stretch and then relax the entire body. Yoga blocks, yoga mats, Pilates rings, resistance straps, yoga straps, or foam rollers may be used over the course of the semester in this class.


Vinyasa Yoga


Vinyasa is a flowing, dynamic yoga practice that cultivates presence by connecting movement with breath. Most classes feature several elements of traditional yoga—including sun salutations, standing poses, preparation for arm balances, dynamic stretching, and pranayama (breathwork). This practice will build strength, aid balance, while reducing stress and increasing vitality. 


Slow Flow


Learn more about the techniques of the asanas in “Slow Flow”. This is a vinyasa style class where postures are held longer to allow for time to understand and feel how the body should be aligned. Yoga mats, yoga blocks, yoga straps, and blankets will be available to participants for use in this class. This class is great for Beginner to Intermediate yogis.


Restorative Yoga


This class is appropriate for all students seeking the benefits of a very relaxing, gentle, and nourishing practice. The combination of gentle yoga and deep restorative work improves range of motion and joint mobility while reducing pain and the effects of stress.


Flexible Yoga


Flexible yoga is where we will mix things up! The format of the class will follow the typical flow of a Yoga Flow class but with an added feature where the instructor will integrate movements from other disciplines such as Pilates, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, and Kung Fu.


Yoga Inversions


Come have some fun upside down! In this class you will be guided through a beginning warm-up series to help build some heat before the class transitions into a “work-shop” mode. You will have the opportunity to work one-on-one with an instructor on inversions such as head-stand, hand-stands, and fore-arm stands. This class provides you with the opportunity for safe and guided break downs of postures, helpful exercises, and personal guidance to help you with your form in any posture you would like to work on (not limited to inversions). No prior experience in inversion practice is needed as this class is beneficial to both experienced yoga practitioners, as well as beginner students.  






ZUMBA® is a fusion of Latin and International music and dance themes that create a dynamic, exciting, and effective fitness class. The routines feature aerobic/fitness interval training with a combination of fast and slow rhythms that tone and sculpt the body.




INSANITY® uses MAX Interval Training, which replaces traditional moderate-intensity exercise with maximum-intensity exercise, and trades short intervals of intensity for short periods of rest. Join our certified instructors for the popular INSANITY® workout in a fun group environment!


G3 (Glutes, Guts, & Guns)


Develop a strong core, gluteus, and toned arms by utilizing equipment and your own body weight. Expect a combined strength and cardio workout! Equipment that may be used over the course of the semester includes weighted bar, hand weights resistance bands, towels, mats, stability balls, and steps.




TurboKick® is a class that utilizes movements from kickboxing, boxing, and hip hop style moves to create a constant “party” while you workout.  This fast paced, high-energy class is pre-choreographed and will keep you coming back for more!




R.I.P.P.E.D.™ is a total body workout utilizing resistance and cardio training, combining Resistance, Intervals, Power, plyometrics, Endurance and Diet components into a routine that is enjoyable, accessible and highly effective. The constantly changing format of the R.I.P.P.E.D. workout ensures maximum results, with participants burning 750-1000 calories in a single 50-minute workout. By stimulating different energy systems and muscle groups in each segment, and mixing up the routine every few minutes, R.I.P.P.E.D. keeps your body guessing and improving, and keeps your mind engaged. R.I.P.P.E.D. is constantly challenging but never, ever boring.





High Intensity Interval Training is a training technique in which you give all-out, one hundred percent effort through quick, intense bursts of exercise, followed by short, sometimes active, recovery periods. This class can be tailored to any fitness level, so join us for an awesome sweat sesh!




A cardio and strength based kickboxing class including both upper and lower body training. Everything from kick punches to drills and weight training this class is perfect for anyone, beginner or expert!




Improve your overall cardiovascular fitness while strengthening your core at Cardio & Core! This class ensures to get your heart rate up and deliver a fun and effective workout. Some equipment will be used such as steps, dumbbells, jump ropes and more!


Cardio Hip Hop


This is a dance-based class that breaks down choreographed routines,  step-by-step. P for anyone who likes to dance, have a little extra fun when working out, and sweat! Move to today’s latest beats and try Cardio Hip Hop out!






Circuit Strength 


Join us for a total body workout- circuit style! This class will offer stations of varying exercises and usage of equipment. You will get a little of everything including cardio, strength, plyometrics and core training. Maximize your calorie burn and total body training in Circuit Strength!




SPIN® classes use a stationary indoor bike to create a simulated bike ride.  The instructor will lead riders through hills, flats, intervals and more to create a safe, effective, and fun cardiovascular workout.


Intro to SPIN®* (Beginner Class, only need to attend once)


Intro to SPIN® classes are recommended for those who are new to SPINNING® so riders will learn how to set up their bike, monitor exercise intensity, and use resistance and cadence to vary their workout intensity. This class is a 45 minute tutorial class that is HIGHLY recommended but not required to anyone new to SPINNING® to ensure safety and maximum fitness results. Welcome to Spinning! 


Strength SPIN®


Steady, consistent pedaling with moderate to heavy resistances to develop the lower body muscles and challenge the cardiovascular system to promote power.  This class is ideal for becoming a stronger rider, as well as building to your already established fitness base. Exercise intensity: 75-85% maximum heart rate.




Come get the best of both worlds at SPIN/Yoga! This class incorporates all that you love about a traditional SPIN class while including a fantastic Yoga portion as well. Time for relaxation and meditation will be allowed at the end of the class. You don’t want to miss out!


SPIN® + Strength


This fused SPIN + Strength class promises to work all the major muscle groups in your body with strength training, while including an enjoyable SPIN ride that all fitness levels can enjoy! Equipment such as mats, dumbbells, resistance bands, kettlebells and more may be used in this class. 


Endurance SPIN


Endurance SPIN is intended to challenge and strengthen the cardiovascular system. This class can be catered to any fitness level, beginner or pro! Let’s get that heart rate up and build endurance!


Interval SPIN


This class will involve increasing and decreasing the heart rate by following periods of intense activity with active recovery. Interval training is a critical component of any training program, you don’t want to miss out!


Triple Threat


Three dynamite formats packed into one intense class! If you are somebody that likes variety, then you will love the spontaneity of this class because it can change at any time! It will be a combination of strength, cardio and core - but every week will be a surprise! SPIN bikes, kettlebells, dumbbells, resistance bands, jump ropes, medicine balls and more may be utilized in this class.




Check out this duo class for double the workout and double the fun! Enjoy a class that includes a challenging and effective SPIN ride combined with strengthening exercises on the TRX! All experience levels welcome, come learn the ins and outs of two amazing formats. See you at SPIN/TRX!






Build your core, increase muscular strength and endurance, and work on your flexibility and balance with the TRX® Suspension trainer. TRX® training is effective for any fitness level as it focuses on using your body weight against gravity. Join us to have some fun on the suspension trainer and learn the 100’s of exercises you can do on just one piece of equipment!


TRX® Strength


This class will be a class focused on building strong upper body, lower body and core muscles all on the TRX straps! Feel the burn and come to TRX Strength!


TRX® Core


Take it to the next level with TRX Core! Using the TRX suspension trainers we will challenge and strengthen your core muscles.  Come ready for a high intensity and up beat class!

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