Former Staff

If you were a former employee of GVSU Intramurals that has moved on into a career in the recreation field and would like to be included on this list, please e-mail John Rosick at

Staff Member

John Rosick

Ryan McCallum

Jackee Keller

Brandon Adams

Anna Zych

Justin Frear

Chelsea Brehm

Katie Birdsall

Jake Regal


Intramural sports Graduate Assistant

Intramural sports supervisor

Intramural sports supervisor

Office assistant/intern

Intramural sports official

Intramural sports official

Intramural sports official

Intramural sports intern

Intramural sports official/graduate assistant



Assistant Director, Intramural sports, Grand Valley State University

Assistant Director of Student Rec Center/Facilities - Colorado School of Mines

Sports Coordinator, Farmington YMCA

Assistant Director, Intramurals, Old Dominion University (VA)

Intramurals/Recreation Coordinator, Stevenson University (MD)

Intramural Events Specialist, Penn State University

Middle school Athletic Director, Grand Rapids Public Schools

Graduate Assistant, Facilities - Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville

Recreation Coordinator, California State University, Stanislaus