Employee Participation

Intramural employees may participate in intramural activities however, as a staff member of Campus Recreation you are expected to abide by the same policies and procedures that the rest of the participants adhere to, as outlined in the intramural rules and regulations.  You have the privilege to work and participate in Intramural Sports.  If you abuse that privilege it will be taken away from you.  IM Staff is expected to represent the program in a positive manner are viewed as a worker first, then a participant. It is expected that IM Staff be the solution to any problems, not the cause of problems. An employee abusing this privilege faces sanctions as outlined in the Staff Expectation Policy section of this manual. Intramural supervisors are limited to no more than TWO supervisors per team roster.

 Intramural staff members are ineligible to serve as team captains OR game captains. In the event where an entire team is composed of intramural staff members, then any supervisors playing for that team are ineligible to serve as team or game captain. Intramural staff teams are granted one registration waiver in each division (men’s, women,s co-rec) and are accommodated on a first come-first serve basis. Intramural staff teams may have NO MORE than 2 non-staff members on the roster in order to receive a registration waiver.