All GVSU Students (graduate and undergraduate) that are taking at least one class at the time of participation are eligible to participate in the Intramural Sports program. Current GVSU Faculty and Staff are also eligible to participate. The following areas constitute special eligibility circumstances.

If there are any questions about participant eligibility, please contact the intramural sports office. The intramural sports program and staff reserves the right to check the eligibility of participants and potentially deny participation, as need dictates. For additional information on recreation facility entry requirements for current students, faculty, and staff, please contact GVSU Athletics and Recreation Facilities Management at 331-3313. For additional information on what constitutes a current GVSU student, please contact the GVSU Registrar’s Office at 331-3327.

Varsity Athletes

GVSU Varsity Athletes are eligible to participate EXCEPT in their respective sports:

Varsity Sport



Cross Country





Track & Field


IM Program


3-on-3/5-on-5 Basketball

Family Weekend 5K

Flag Football




Fam Weekend 5K/

Sand/6-on-6 Volleyball


The following further define a GVSU varsity athlete where the above rules apply:

  • One that is included on the roster of that varsity team;
  • If they are awarded any athletic scholarship;
  • Red-shirts,
  • GVSU varsity athletes that are academically ineligible,
  • Walk-ons.

 If they are a former athlete (cut from team, dismissed from team, quit team, eligibility has expired, etc.), they are eligible to play one calendar year and a day after their last day competing for the varsity team of the corresponding sport (ex. Last day of volleyball competition on Sept. 30 ~ they are eligible to play intramural volleyball on Oct. 1 of the next year. This also applies to former letter winners, Junior or Other college transfers that played athletically at previous schools. Non-scholarship players that try out for a varsity team, but do not make the team are eligible to participate in intramurals. Note:  The previous stipulations also apply to professional/semi-professional athletes.

Club Sport Athletes

GVSU Club Sport Athletes are eligible to compete in all sports. However, in their respective sports, they may only have two club members per roster. In individual activities, club sport athletes must compete in the highest competitive league. A participant is defined as a GVSU Club sport athlete if they appear on the roster submitted to the Student Life office (club sport coaches are included) in the Fall semester. If an intramural participant joins a club sports team, the previous rules take effect. Respective club sports with corresponding intramural sports and stipulations are as follows:

Club Sport



Hockey/Roller Hockey






Ultimate Frisbee

Intramural League

Bowling - must compete in Master’s Division

Softball – 2 members per roster

Floor hockey/Broomball - 2 members per roster

Family Weekend 5K - must compete in separate division

Indoor/Outdoor Soccer - 2 members per roster

6-on-6/sand volleyball - 2 members per roster

Dodgeball – 2 members per roster

Tennis – must compete in separate division

Ultimate Frisbee - 2 members per roster

Play on One Team

A participant may play on only one men’s or women’s team and only one co-rec team. Women may not play in men’s teams/leagues and vice-versa if the respective league is represented (women’s and men’s). In the case where there not enough co-rec, only, teams to constitute a full league, consideration may be given by the Assistant Director of Intramurals and all other teams must agree to the co-rec team joining their league. In this case, co-rec rule modifications, if applicable, will not apply. In individual activities, if there are not enough individuals to constitute a full league (women’s or men’s ), a female may participate in a men’s division or vice versa if consideration is granted by the Assistant Director of Intramurals AND all other participants agree.