Divisions of Play

Men's, Women's, Co-Rec

When registering for an intramural sport, you will have the option to register as a men’s, women’s or co-rec team. Your team’s regular season record will determine your playoff status: i.e. 4 or 3 wins qualify your team as “A” for playoffs; 2 wins qualify your team as “B;” and 1 win qualifies your team as “C” for playoffs. Teams that do not have a regular season win will only advance to “C” playoffs if they have a perfect sportsmanship average (4). A win by forfeit counts as ½ win and ties count as ½ win and ½ loss: i.e. A team that is 2.5-1 due to one win by forfeit will qualify for “B” playoffs. Intramural Sports reserves the right to reseed teams as deemed necessary.