Teaching/Facilitating Resources

Academic Support:
Interdisciplinary campus resources developed for faculty.

Art and Music:
Border Songs, by Various Artists

A Way Out of Silence, by Rachel Friedman; Chronicle of Higher Education; 6/21/2013, Vol. 59 Issue 40, pB20-B20, 1p. A personal narrative is presented in which a college teacher discusses how she improved the participation of students by encouraging them to read Spanish language poems aloud in class.

Art Created From Undocumented Immigrants' Discarded Objects, by Robert Neustadt; Artist Valarie James repurposes the discarded objects of Latino undocumented immigrants in order to expose the humanitarian disaster in the U.S.-Mexican Border.

Death Stalks the US Border, by David Kempa; The story demonstrates how US policy in the global south is directly impacting immigration. The article received the highest literary honor from the Robert Kennedy Foundation the year it was published.

Looking Beyond the Wall: Encountering The Humanitarian Crisis of Border Politics, by Robert Neustadt; as momentum builds for even further border militarization, the humanitarian crisis along the border with Mexico continues to divide immigrant families and claim lives.

What We Won With Senate Immigration Bill S.744, This week, the Senate passed a landmark immigration reform bill by a 68-32 vote. Immigration reform is NOT yet a done dealwe now have to fight to pass immigration reform through the House of Representatives, then conference the two bills together. But the Senate billwhile it is a compromise full of unnecessary and overstrict border measuresis full of provisions that would substantially improve the lives of immigrants.

Can immigration reform pass the House? Maybe., by Greg Sargent; Is immigration reform doomed in the House?

What Home Looks Like to a Migrant Worker, by Emily Fox, for Michigan Public Radio

Centro Journal, The Chicago Young Lords: (Re)constructing Knowledge and Revolution, by Jacqueline Lazu

Centers /Institutes:
Grandville Avenue Arts and Humanities
Hispanic Center of West Michigan
Lakeshore Latino Outreach Center - Holland, MI
LAUP - Latin Americans United for Progress - Holland, MI
Michigan Immigrant Rights Center
Spanish Activities: Spanish in the Community
West Michigan Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
West Michigan Latino Community Coalition

Classroom Guides and Assignments:
Debating Immigration Law
Push and Pull Factors
Teaching Circle Culture
CRS 2012 Report on Mexican Migration
Timeline on U.S. Immigration Policy
Timeline on U.S. Immigration Policy pre-1965
West Michigan Community Connections
Calling All Community Leaders!

Discussion Questions

Documentaries & Films:
Which Way Home (documentary)

A Better Life (feature film)

Under The Same Moon (feature film)

A Day Without a Mexican (feature film, comedy/black humor)

The Harvest/La Cosecha (documentary)

Guest Speakers and Facilitators:
Please click on this link to access a database of guest speakers and facilitators for those interested in having them facilitate and speak in their classes, units, etc.

GVSU Library Guide:
Lindy Scripps-Hoekstra, the Latin American Studies subject librarian has created a Library Guide for the Community Read Project this year. The guide contains information on how to check out the book from the library, as well as links to other related materials that the library owns.

GVSU Young Lords Oral Histories - New immigrants and the building of community from ground up are the theme of over 120 oral histories archived in special collections GVSU - Allendale, MI.

Harvest of Empire (part 1) Its not just jobs and prosperity that draw immigrants to the US. Many Latin American's were brought here, or forced to come by dangerous or deadly conditions. Part 1 traces the history of Guatemalan, Dominican, and Mexican migration to the US.

Harvest of Empire (part 2) Part 2 traces the history of Nicaraguan and Salvadoran migration to the US.

Tijuania - A video on crossing the Border!

Jose Antonio Vargas Ted Talk, Actions are Illegal, Never People.

Interview with Sonia Manzano

Research Institutes and Centers:
The Julian Samora Research Institute - Michigan State University

Institute for Latino Studies - University of Notre Dame

Supplemental Texts:
Strangers Among Us: Latino Lives in a Changing America, by Roberto Suro

The Death of Josseline, by Margaret Regan

Against the Tide: Immigrants, Day Laborers, and Community in Jupiter, Florida, by Timothy Steigenga

Teaching Roundtable:
A table on using the Community Reading Project Book. The Fall 2013 CLAS Teaching Roundtables have been scheduled from 11:00am-12:30pm, on November 25, in the Pere Marquette Room (2204 KC).

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