Fall Teaching and Learning Conference

Fall Teaching and Learning Conference

Aug 21 - FTLC - Connecting Spaces and Cultural Practices: An Interdisciplinary Approach to teaching and facilitating best practices about the Commuity Reading Project Text and the Latino Community.

In this session, participants will learn how to teach, facilitate, and utilize the CRP text, "The Distance Between Us," using an interdisciplinary approach. Beyond reading and discussing the text, this session will provide a series of best practices for engaging students and colleagues in researching, writing, storytelling, and engaging in the heart of the Latino Community in which we live. This session will begin by providing participants with a brief background on the Latino community (local and in general) and will follow-up with a list of best practices for teaching and learning about this community in classrooms, book discussions, and other venues. The second part of the presentation will focus on how to connect all of this to the CRP selection specifically, along with all of the resources and opportunities that will be provided throughout the year.

Presenters: Zulema Moret and Brian Jbara

This is meant for those that are unable to attend the August 13th event.

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