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Committee and Book Selection Criteria

CRP Committee 2015-2016:

Jennifer Jameslyn - Integrative Learning and Advising
Emily Smigiel - Integrative Learning and Advising
Patrick Johnson - Writing Center
Colleen Lindsay-Bailey - Housing
Lisa Miller - Holland Campus
Lynne Sheehan - Library

LeAnn Tibbe - Student Life
Julie White - Writing

Maureen Wolverton - Liberal Studies

The Warmth of Other Suns

the warmth of other suns

The Element

the element

Book Selection Criteria

The book selection committee includes representatives from the Brooks College of Interdisciplinary studies, the Library, and the faculty. The following are the criteria that committee members use in selecting the book:

  • a work by a major author
  • a reading level appropriate for faculty, staff, and GVSU students, as well as community residents
  • a wide-appeal to faculty, staff, community members, and students in a variety of disciplines
  • a strong plot and well-developed characters
  • a moral or humanistic vision
  • availability of the book in multiple formats (e.g., tape or CD)
  • the cultural resonance of the book within American culture
  • a connection to GVSU's mission, vision and values

These selection criteria were adapted from those used by the Seattle Public Library, a pioneer in developing community reading programs.

Suggest a CRP Book Selection

If you would like to suggest a book for the committee to consider, then please keep in mind our criteria, and send your suggestion to