Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program - General Concentration (Abdominal and Obstetrics-Gynecology)

Physical Performance and Technical Standards

Students entering the GVSU DMS General Program are required to meet the physical performance and technical standards for the program which are located at the following link:

GVSU DMS General Program Physical Performance and Technical Standards

Advanced Placement, Transfer of Credits, and Credits for Experiential Learning

This program offers advanced placement through both academic transfer credit (according to university standards) and by individual evaluation of sonography skill sets with the program coordinator.  For academic transfer credit procedure information students should seek an appointment with the GVSU College of Health Professions Student Services Advisor at 616-331-5600.  For students with prior sonography experience, contact should be made with the GVSU Diagnostic Medical Sonography - General Concentration Coordinator at 616-331-5948.


Professional Sequence  Semester Credit Hrs
General Education and Prerequisite Courses: 64
* = Radiologic and Imaging Sciences Core Courses: 19
Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program - General Concentration (Abdominal and Obstetrics-Gynecology) Professional Sequence: 47



Junior Fall Semester Sem Credit Hrs
*RI 401 Computer Applications 3  
RIU 320 Applied Ultrasound Phy/Instrum I 2  
RIU 321 Applied Ultrasound Phy/Instrum I Lab 1  
RIU 330 Abdominal Sonography I 4  
RIU 331 Abdominal Sonography I Lab 2  
RIU 360 Intro to Ultrasound Clinical 2  



Junior Winter Semester Sem Credit Hrs  
*RIS 442 Gross Human Sectional Anatomy 4  
*RIS 320 Principles of Rad Imaging Sciences 3  
RIU 301 DMS Image Evaluation I 1  
RIU 324 Applied Doppler Ultrasound Physics 2  
RIU 332 Ob-Gyn Sonography 4  
RIU 333 Ob-Gyn Sonography Lab 1  
RIU 361 Ultrasound Clinical Education I 2  


Junior Spring/Summer Semester Sem Credit Hrs  
RIU 362 Ultrasound Clinical Education II 4  


Senior Fall Semester Sem Credit Hrs  
RIU 302 DMS Image Evaluation II 1  
*RIS 458 Neoplastic Clinical Rad/Imaging Sci 3  
RIU 420 Applied Ultrasound Phy/Instrum II 2  
RIU 430 Abdominal Sonography II 2  
RIU 431 Abdominal Sonography II Lab 1  
RIU 460 Ultrasound Clinical Education III 3  
RIE 432 Vascular Sonography Procedures I 2  
RIE 433 Vascular Sonography Procedures I Lab 2  


Senior Winter Semester Sem Credit Hrs  
*RIS 310 Rad & Imaging Sci Management 3  
RIU 461 Ultrasound Clinical Education IV 3  
*RIS 454 Ob-Gyn Clinical Rad/Imaging Sci 3  
RIU 490 Advanced Clinical Problems in Ultrasound (Capstone) 3  
RIE 436 Vascular Sonography Procedures II 2  
RIE 437 Vascular Sonography Procedures II Lab 2  


Total clinical education contact hours = 1312    
It is recommended that students consider the following Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program (General Concentration) elective:  
  Sem Credit Hrs  
RIU 434 Breast Sonography Procedures 2 (Fall)