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Travel Help

For further information on Grand Valley Policies, visit the Manual Policy Index.

How do I make arrangements for business travel?

It is the responsibility of each prospective traveler to secure the appropriate approval for University travel from his/her supervisor, dean or appointing officer. Each traveler is responsible for arranging his/her own travel schedule, booking reservations, and payment of expenses. You may contact the University's authorized travel agent, EGENCIA. They provide a variety of travel related services protected by their quality and assurance policy. Visit the Travel Procedures section of the GVSU Procedures Manual for information regarding other travel arrangements.

What are my options for payment of travel expenses?

There are three options available to you:

  • Corporate Charge Card: Faculty and staff have an opportunity to charge all business travel and entertainment expenses to one of two cards listed below.  Individual cardholders are personally liable for all charges and solely responsible for full and timely payment of all charges.  

    American Express Charge Card - There is a $55 non-reimbursable annual membership fee to participate in this program.  Charges cannot be deferred and are payable in-full each month.  Call the Business and Finance office at (616) 331-2257 for an application.

    Fifth Third MasterCard - There is no annual membership fee to participate in this program. Call the Human Resources office at (616) 331-2215 for an application.
  • Travel Advances: The University may issue a cash advance for a reasonable estimate of expenses that will be reimbursed.  Requests for travel advances must be submitted on a Travel Advance Request form and approved by the supervisor. These advances are considered personal obligations of the traveler.
  • Personal Funds: The traveler may use personal credit cards or cash to cover reimbursable expenses. A University purchasing card may not be used for travel and entertainment expenses.  Requests for reimbursement must be submitted on a Travel and Expense Reimbursement form and approved by the supervisor.  Contact the Accounting Office at (616) 331-2203 for assistance with travel related expenses and reimbursements.

What are the University's standard reimbursement rates for travel expenses?

The University's standard reimbursement rates are listed in the Travel and Expense Reimbursement procedures.