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Strategic Management Plan

Mission Statement

To maximize GVSU resources through strategically-focused purchasing solutions in alignment with the University's mission.

Goals and Objectives

Goal 1 Strategically Manage CSSM Dollars

  1. Increase Purchasing Card usage 100% by 2011
  2. Increase supplier diversity awareness and commitment at the stakeholder level
  3. Increase green/sustainability awareness and commitment at department and vendor levels
  4. Increase number of internal and external strategic partnerships
  5. Increase strategic role of Procurement Services

Goal 2 Communicate the Strategic Vision of Procurement Services Internally and Externally

  1. Publish and disseminate metrics
  2.  Meet with key campus stakeholders
  3. Represent GVSU on local, regional, & national boards and organizations

Goal 3 Train Staff and Customers in Procurement Services Processes and Procedures

  1. Enhance staff skill sets
  2. Train customers (e.g., new hires and other target stakeholders)