Financial Support

What should I do to open an account with a new supplier?

To establish a direct-bill account, some suppliers may require a credit application for their records. The University standard credit application form may be used for this purpose. Contact Purchasing Services if additional assistance is required.

What is the University's tax-exempt number?

In addition to exemption from sales and use tax in the State of Michigan, the University has tax-exempt status in the District of Columbia, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio and Texas. To qualify for tax exemption, purchases must be invoiced to/paid for by the University. Contact Purchasing for copies of the tax-exempt certificates.

Who should I contact with questions regarding invoice payments?

Contact Accounts Payable at (616) 331-8010 with questions regarding invoice payments and payment schedules.

Who should I contact with questions regarding my account budget?

Contact the appropriate Accountant who manages the following accounts:


Phone Number

Agency and Designated Funds

(616) 331-2396

Auxiliary and Plant Funds

(616) 331-2231

Endowment Fund

(616) 331-2201

General Fund and Retirement and Insurance Fund

(616) 331-8124

Restricted Fund

(616) 331-2205