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What would I have done differently during semester 1?

I am not sure I would have done much differently during semester one, but I would have reviewed more prior to beginning the semester. I think it is a huge advantage to have a good handle on anatomy/physiology before starting the semester.

Keesha Olsen

DPT Class of 2015

I would have studied more frequently for less duration. Studying for hours on end before a test is less effective sometimes than just reviewing stuff day by day. However, no real regrets from that first semester! Loved (almost) every minute of it.

Patty Kool

DPT Class of 2015

I would have found my study rhythm earlier in the semester (meaning, using the time of day I am most productive do to my studies, and stay consistent at that time.) Also, I would have organized my binders and wrote down all significant due dates in my planner in the first week of classes.

Patrick Lawrence

DPT Class of 2015

I really wouldn't have done anything different in my first semester. I stayed pretty stress-free and got good grades by not freaking out about every exam and assignment and putting in a couple hours of studying every day .

Nate Keniston

DPT Class of 2015